Saturday, May 14, 2016

DECOOL 7111 Super Heroes The Tumbler Review

Finally, the review everyone has been waiting for. My stock came in 2 weeks late hence the late review. The DECOOL 7111 Super Heroes The Tumbler is the bootleg version of the Lego 76023 The Tumbler. Yes, it's the huge UCS Tumbler released back in 2014 which contains 1869 pieces of Lego. View the original Lego 76023 below.

As usual, we will compare the box and packaging of the DECOOL 7111 Super Heroes The Tumbler. The box is huge like the original; 52 CM H x 62 CM W x 13 CM D. It weighs about 3.3 KG. The packaging is slightly different than the original but that is not the important part. The most important part is the packaging of the brick pieces! If you look at the 3rd picture below, the brick pieces are now sorted properly into boxes labelled 1 to 6! Thank Heavens for that! 

DECOOL (Front View)

DECOOL (Back View)

DECOOL (Packaging)

I managed to complete the DECOOL 7111 Super Heroes The Tumbler in 7 hours; yes, I only take short breaks for drinks, toilet and glance at the TV once a while watching Barcelona win the La Liga title. You can view the photo time line below. WARNING : Picture heavy! 

Box #1 contains only the Technic joints, stickers, rims and tyres. Nothing much here.

So, what's the verdict? I'll give it a 9 out of 10. Why not 10 out of 10? 

I have problems with the rims and tyres. The rubber tyres doesn't fit nicely into the rim; it is very loose. So when you push the Tumbler, it feels like it's do I explain's like driving with a flat tyre haha. Secondly, I feel that the bricks are...rough. I developed blisters on both my thumbs from just snapping the brick pieces into place. Thirdly, the "windscreen" are slightly scratched for my set so you can see lines. I'm not sure it's a defect on my set or manufacturing issue.

Apart from that, I love this DECOOL 7111 Super Heroes The Tumbler! I'm recommending this set to everyone who loves the original Lego The Tumbler but can't afford/didn't manage to buy it. I'll compare the original Lego Tumbler and Decool Tumbler side by side when I am free.

7 grueling hours to complete thanks to the proper bricks packaging. I'm hoping LEPIN to follow the footsteps for the Brick Bank and especially the 4000+ pieces GhostBusters HQ because I'm gonna die if I have to search piece by piece. For those who don't know about the upcoming sets, you can view the picture below.

You can look at the 360 degrees view below.

Size comparison with the LELE Millennium Falcon.

The photo quality is a bit...bad because all these are taken from my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and not some DSL-R. I'll retake the photos once I get my hands on a better camera. 

That's it folks. For those who has already purchase the DECOOL 7111 Super Heroes The Tumbler, happy bricking. For those who has not purchase one, what are you waiting for? Get them now!

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  1. Which one's better for the money- the decool tumbler or the lele millenium falcon?

  2. The Decool Tumbler. 1869 pieces and properly labelled packaging (time saving!). Although it is double the LELE MF price, you get double the fun too haha

  3. This is great...I'm getting one very soon.

  4. This is great...I'm getting one very soon.

  5. Dude you should use the brick remover included in the set, my tyres are so much smooth and if i will rate the Decool tumbler it's 10/10!

  6. Great Review! tempted tempted!

  7. I bought one from Aliexpress and only have a few hours of building done so far. The set is really good value for the money (thnx to Lego for that) Also i like decools blocks better then Sluban. Did you have any missing or broken/melted parts? Sofar mine only has a small defect in the batman helmet, also his legs are a bit wobley, i think i will order a new one for a dollar :-D.
    Also keep the reviews comming!

    1. Deformed parts are very common with bootleg. I usually replaced them with original Lego pieces if it's cheap.

      Yes, I will try my best to keep the review coming. Thanks.

  8. Just a question as someone who has never tried building bootleg sets before (only because the original Tumbler has been discontinued) - how legit are the parts compared to Lego? And are these sets really compatible with original bricks i.e. they actually fit? Any info would help - am planning to try it out if it's really value for money, with original Lego a lot of your cash is paying for the brand lol. Thanks!

    1. I wouldn't use the word 100% compatible; it depends on the bootleg brand. Brands like Decool, Lepin, LELE, Bela, SY are about 90% compatible with Lego. Some parts might feel loose or too tight and the colors might run a little.

      The only major problem with bootlegs are their packaging; they packed the bricks according to sizes/shapes unlike Lego. You will have to sort the bricks into containers to make your life easier.

      My advice on ori or bootleg? Go for ori if the sets are still in the market. Buy bootleg for those legacy sets like UCS Millennium Falcon, Green Grocer, etc because legacy sets will cost you a bomb to own them!

  9. Replies
    1. It's about 190-ish Malaysian Rinngit...roughly USD 40-ish?


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