Saturday, April 23, 2016

DECOOL 7112 Super Heroes The BatWing : The Joker's Aerial Assault Review

Ah, finally, a non-Star Wars bootleg review. I'll be reviewing the DECOOL 7112 Super Heroes The BatWing : The Joker's Aerial Assault. This set is the clone for Lego 7782 The BatWing : The Joker's Aerial Assault BUT without the Joker's Helicopter and the Joker's Goon mini figure. The original Lego version was released way back in 2006 (if I'm not mistaken).

As usual, let's look at the box. Yeah, Joker seems to be floating in mid-air on the DECOOL box because there's no Joker's Helicopter in this set. The word "BATMAN" on the original box was replaced with "SUPER Heroes" and picture of the mini figures are shown on the bottom left of the DECOOL box.

Original Lego 7782

DeCool Box (Front Only)

Let's look at the packaging. Not well-organized as usual but no matter. It's kinda fun to look for a needle in the haystack at times.

Okay, let's start building!

Ta-da! Well, since this is a very small set, it's quite easy and fast to assemble. Let's look at the BatWing flight picture below. Flaps fully opened, missiles ready to fire. Oh, ignore the supporting blocks below the BatWing. It's my own blocks to make the BatWing looks like it's floating. 

Ok, verdict. Was disappointed that the Joker's Helicopter wasn't included but apart from that everything looks good. No missing bricks AND the cannon/missile launcher works!

360 degrees view of the BatWing.

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