Wednesday, April 20, 2016

LEPIN 05005 STAR WNRS First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Review

Yes! Finally a LEPIN Star Wars review! This time, I'll be reviewing the LEPIN 05005 STAR WNRS First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter which is the clone for Lego 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. As usual, let's compare the boxes. They look exactly alike...apart from the manufacturer and typo spelling.

Original Lego 75101

LEPIN Box (Front)

LEPIN Box (Back)

Let's look at the packaging inside. Fortunately this is a small set so assembling would be a breeze.

Let's start assembling!

Ta da! Now, to the most important part of the review - the VERDICT! There was a missing block...well not exactly missing but LEPIN gave me the "inverted" version of the block. Refer to picture below. Luckily, my supplier had a spare tile and he gave it to me for FREE! Another issue I faced was I can't snap the TIE Fighter wings to the body firmly because of a few tiles preventing it from snapping in. I had to remove 2-4 tiles to fit them in. Thirdly, the most common LEPIN problem - the spring shooter. It does not work! When you pushed in the Arrow 8M (the missile), it is supposed to snap in and lock nicely like in the second picture below but for LEPIN, it doesn't snap in and lock. And the fourth issue which everyone figures quality...Definitely can't fight LELE. Apart from the highlighted issues earlier, I have no other complaints. The brick quality and colors definitely beat LELE.

The missing and extra tiles

Spring Shooter

Now for the 360 degrees view!

I'll be reviewing the Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle next, followed by LEPIN Poe's X-Wing Fighter and HOPEFULLY, Decool UCS Tumbler!

Well, that's all folks.

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  1. Cool Review! i bought transparent bricks to prop up all the flying sets to give impression it's floating. Cheap too. Can consider instead of using Tou Fu Fa bowl hahaha!


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