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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Bootleg Lego/Lego Compatible Sale - Everything Must Go! [FB Friends Only]

This post is for Facebook friends only.

I started collecting bootleg Lego sets as a hobby when they were first sold openly in Malaysia back in 2016 because the prices was dirt cheap (about 20% of the original value?). I even had a blog review for the sets I completed here -> Since then I have been getting a lot of requests from relatives, friends, colleagues and even clients to help them buy.

There are a few things I need to clarify first. Firstly, I am not running any business related to bootleg Lego sets. So why do I have so much stocks? Like I mentioned earlier, I was helping people to buy BUT most of them did not/do not want collect even after paying for them due to various reasons. Refer to Note #1 and #2 below. So, my bedroom is now a storeroom for all these sets. And yes, the sets are even on my bed so I have been sleeping on the floor for the past 1 year.

Now, things you should take note before buying.

Notes :
1. You MUST have permission from your parents, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend(s) before buying. The reason why I have all these stocks at home is because you are afraid/unable to justify to explain to them why you bought so many toys. In desperation, you left it all with me and ask me to help you sell off.
2. You MUST have enough storage place if you are planning to buy a few sets from me. Some boxes are huge (bigger than full tower desktop casing) so please plan accordingly. I do not want you to leave it here because you do not have storage space.
3. These sets are from CHINA. Even though some websites mentioned it is safe for young children BUT I would advise you not to buy if you have young children around. I am not sure what the parts are made of.
4. The sets are from CHINA (repeat) so the quality control is shit. Be prepared that you will have missing and/or extra parts. Since there sets are not mine, I am unable to provide replacement for them. I will try my best to find a replacement from my extra pieces but no promises. Do use your creativity to cover/hide the missing parts in your sets. If there you are missing a bag of parts (not 1-5 pieces), do inform me. I will be happy to refund you.
5. If you noticed, some of the spelling on the sets are wrong (STAR WNRS, STAR WART (LOL!)). This is done intentionally by the manufacturer to avoid legal issues.
6. Prices are NEGOTIABLE if you buy in bulk. Again refer to note #1 and #2.

Now, you have read all the disclaimer above, you can now proceed to buy. The set information, pricing, quantity and review are on the pictures. No shipping because some these boxes are so darn huge! COD only in Petaling Jaya. I am staying near Digital Mall so we can COD in the following places; Digital Mall, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jaya One, Amcorp Mall, Millennium Square and 32 Square. You can contact me via FB PM, Whatsapp/SMS/call @ +6 012 6700 156 or e-mail @

Below are the sets available for sale.

DECOOL 7111 : UCS Super Heroes The Tumbler
Price : RM 200
Quantity Available : 6
Review Here :

DECOOL 7115 : Batpod

DECOOL 7116 : The Bat Chariot
Price : RM 120
Quantity Available : 3
Review Here :

LELE 79211 : Millennium Falcon

LEPIN 05005 : First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter
Price : RM 60
Quantity Available : 1 RESERVED
Review Here :

LEPIN 05029 : Resistance X-Wing Fighter
Price : RM 80
Quantity Available : 1 RESERVED
Review Here :

LEPIN 05031 : Clone Turbo Tank
Price : RM 80
Quantity Available : 1
Review Here :

LEPIN 05032 : Captain Rex's AT-TE
Price : RM 90
Quantity Available : 1
Review Here :

LEPIN 05033 : UCS Millennium Falcon
Price : RM 490
Quantity Available : 2 (1 box damaged)
Review Here :

LEPIN 05038 : UCS Sandcrawler

LEPIN 07043 : The SHIELD Helicarrier
Price : RM 180
Quantity Available : 2
Review Here :

LEPIN 15001 : Brick Bank

LEPIN 15003 : Brick Bank

LEPIN 15004 : Fire Brigade

LEPIN 15008 : Green Grocer
Price : RM 145
Quantity Available : 7
Review Here :

LEPIN 15011 : Detective Office

LEPIN 15012 : Ferris Wheel
Price : RM 160
Quantity Available : 1
Review Here :

LEPIN 15013A : Grand Carousel
Price : RM 350
Quantity Available : 1
Review Here :

LEPIN 16001 : Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

LEPIN 16002 : MetalBeard's Sea Cow
Price : RM 230
Quantity Available : 1
Review Here :

LEPIN 16004 : The Simpsons - The Kwik-E-Mart
Price : RM 230
Quantity Available : 1
Review Here :

LEPIN 17001 : Taj Mahal
Price : RM 550
Quantity Available : 1
Review Here : N/A

LEPIN 17002 : Eiffel Tower
Price : RM 230
Quantity Available : 1
Review Here :

LEPIN 17003 : Sydney Opera House
Price : RM 230
Quantity Available : 1 RESERVED
Review Here :

LEPIN 17005 : Big Ben
Price : RM 220
Quantity Available : 1
Review Here :

LEPIN 20001 : Porsche 911 GT3 RS

SY911 : Helicarrier
Price : RM 260
Quantity Available : 1
Review Here :

WANGE 58231 : Wange Building Blocks 625 pieces
Price : RM 30
Quantity Available : 3
Review Here :

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~! May there be more interesting brick releases (original or bootleg/knock-off) next year~!

And also apologies for the lack of reviews. I ran out of space in my room and I plan to sell those "not-so-interesting" sets to free up space.

Drive safe and enjoy your holiday~!

Friday, October 28, 2016

LEPIN 05033 UCS Millennium Falcon Review

I'm guessing this is the review everyone have been waiting for - LEPIN 05033 UCS Millennium Falcon! This is the knock-off version of the LEGO 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon which was released back in 2007. It's the second largest set ever produced by LEGO with over 5000 bricks. Yes, over 5000 bricks. Good luck.

So, what are the differences between the original and knock-off UCS Millennium Falcon? I don't have the original version but from the number of bricks stated on the box, LEPIN seems to have more pieces than Lego; 187 extra pieces to be exact. I am not going to go through both manuals just to compare side by side on the extra pieces. Just focus on assembling, guys/girls - don't bother on the extra pieces.

What is the number #1 rule when assembling a LEPIN set? Bingo! Sorting. Unlike LEGO, LEPIN does not pack the bricks properly; the bricks are packed by categories; 2 x 10 plates will be in one bag, 4 x 6 plates will be in another bag, etc. If you look at the picture below, I have actually sorted it category - not as in LEGO sorting but sorting them by types so it's easier to find the bricks during assembling. Yes, I fully utilized by 8 ft x 2 ft and 4 ft x 2 ft tables for that. That leads to rule number #2. Space! Yes, you need space. Assembling this set will take you at least 12 hours if you decide to gung-ho but if you are the type is slow and steady, it will take at least a week. Yes, these bricks will occupy your space for at least a week. Get permission from your parents/spouse before assembling. Oh, if you have small children at home, don't let them come near the sorted bricks. One misplaced brick will lead you straight to the doors to Hell. Two or more misplaced bricks means you are in Hell.

Before you start, I have an important thing to show. Because LEPIN was rushing the release of this set (probably due to LEGO's lawsuit), some of the given parts are actually wrong and some parts don't fit in nicely. I had to do side by side comparison with the original LEGO manual to determine which are the parts. Refer to my description below.

LEPIN manual pg 40

This is the landing gear that will be supporting the UCS Millennium Falcon. The black shaft and the connector can be very loose. This is very important as the base on the landing gear will drop off when you move the UCS Millennium Falcon around. You don't want the Falcon to crash and break into pieces due to gravitational stress on the loose landing gear. So, what's the solution? For the connector, get a small mallet/hammer and hammer it lightly to the round plate until it fits nicely and tight. For the shaft to the connector, I'll suggest using glue. I used those el cheapo glue gun with sticks for my case. 

Next would be the hinge brick. If you look at the picture below, LEPIN actually provided the 2 x 2 version instead of 1 x 2. Take note of that.

LEPIN manual pg 79

I pasted the original Lego manual instructions to the pg 79 of the LEPIN manual instructions. If you noticed, the LEPIN's version did not connect right to the bottom (circled in red). Ignore LEPIN's instructions and follow LEGO's.

LEPIN manual pg 87, 89, 92 and 93

For my case, my set came with the wrong set of parts. Instead of getting the 2 x 2 with 2 pin holes, I got the one with 1 pin hole which is wrong (refer to my crossed out picture). I had to "cut" the 2 x 2 with 1 pin hole a bit so that the connector would fit nicely. 

LEPIN manual pg 105 and 130

The parts LEPIN provided was correct but the color wasn't! It shows grey in the manual but in the packaging, they only provided black. No workaround for this at the moment unless you want to spray it grey. 

LEPIN manual pg 147 and 149

Okay, let's start assembling! Woo hoo!

I think it took my nearly 40 hours to complete this but man, the process was fun! As you can see, it's a huge ass set. Weighing nearly 10 kg, and 83 cm (length) 60 cm (width) and 25 cm (height), this set is a monster! Now for the review. I'll rate this set 8/10. This time the mini figures looks...I would say better than the previous sets. What I hated was, the wrong parts that was provided. The black shaft made my Falcon looked ugly so minus points there. Apart from that, I'll give thumbs up to LEPIN for producing such a marvelous set.

Now, for the pictures! No videos though. Warning, picture heavy! Don't browse with 56 Kbps dial-up!

My next project would most likely be the LEPIN 05035 Death Star. Stay tune for the next review! Thanks for reading.

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