Sunday, June 19, 2016

DECOOL 7115 Super Heroes Bat-Pod Review

I was hoping I had time to review the LEPIN 15001 Brick Bank but due to storage issues I was unable to build it. Why storage issue? I just collected 5 units of LEPIN 16001 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters, 11 units of DECOOL 7115 Bat-Pod, LEPIN 06022 Temple of Airjitzu and LEPIN 07034 Super Hero Airport Battle. Add 7 units of DECOOL 7111 The Tumbler, 7 units of LELE 79211 and several other LEPIN Star Wars to the figure and you will understand why I have to sort out my storage.

So, what will I be reviewing today? I'll be reviewing a small and simple bootleg brick today - DECOOL 7115 Super Heroes Bat-Pod. A Bat-Pod? You will be asking when/where was the original Lego version released since you don't see it in your regular Lego stores. I will tell you the reason. The Lego 5004590 DC Comics Super Heroes Bat-Pod is an exclusive DC Comics Super Heroes set given out to winners of Lego VIP member sweepstakes contest back in June 2015. This set is limited to 750 copies only worldwide. Since it's an exclusive set, the price is insanely high for such a small set. View screenshots below for the prices taken from eBay and Amazon.

But no worries! You can get the bootleg version for less than RM 80! Different manufacturer, same joy.

Now, let's look at the box and contents.

Original Lego

Decool (Front)

Decool (Back)


This is a relatively small set; 338 pieces so it will be a breeze to assemble. I did not manage to take a lot of photos this time due to the speed. Let's view the final product.

So, what's the verdict. I'll give it 9/10. I have some trouble with some of the Technic parts until I require the help of a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. The screwdriver was to enlarge the hole of the connector so that a shaft can go through it without breaking. (My friend broke 2 of the shafts so he had to swap with the shafts near the mudguard) The pliers were used to push in the connectors so that you won't get blisters. The tyres are slightly...ummm...out of shape? You know when a car tyre gets damaged when you go through a pot hole...the unstable wobbly feeling? Yup, it's the same feel here. Apart from that, nothing much. No missing parts. Like the original, it doesn't comes with any mini figures. I'm planning to add blue LEDs on the front part of the Bat-Pod to make it look cool. 

Thanks for reading, enjoy your bricking and enjoy the Euro 2016!

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