Saturday, November 7, 2015

DeCool F1 Formula Racer 1:10 [3334] Review

A friend recommended me to try out this "fake Lego" product (DeCool brand) because he mentioned the quality and build is very similar to Lego. I did a quick research on that and found that it's really true! There are 2 notable "fake Lego" brands from my research; DeCool and Enlighten. Recommended it to another friend and three of us drove down to GM Klang, a wholesale mall in Klang, to have a look.

We arrived a bit late, 6:00-ish PM, and discover that the entire mall closes at 7:00 PM. So we went to the particular shop that my friend recommended, can't recall the name, it's shop no. 64 on the 2nd Floor. Lotsa toys there; from "Lego-compatible" toys to Nanoblocks to figurines. Long story short, bought my Ferrari and some Lego/Nanoblock display cases.

The box is huge like it should be since it's a 1:10 scale. The Ferrari comes with an assembly manual, 5 packs of sealed parts, 4 tyres and of course the sticker. The sticker looks so cheap until I refuse to stick them to the finished product. I'll probably get some better stickers later. Anyone wanna sponsor a sticker? Free advertising!

5 packs of sealed parts means there will be 5 stages which you will need to follow in order. The first stage was relatively easy...but there seems to be a lot of "spares" after completing. I double checked the manual and was relieved that I did not missed out on anything. Second stage was interesting; I get to build my own engine! With crankshafts and pistons! Based on the design, looks like a V10 engine to me. Third stage was a bit tricky. Why? I discover one part near the steering was missing! Jialat! But luckily the part wasn't critical and the steering still works. Fourth stage was a nightmare...the manual was confusing so I ended tearing apart a few things because the flywheel feels a bit off. Stage 5 was easy but I had to "customize" a few parts because some of the parts were too long. Snip snip snip and done. Perfect fit.

First Stage

Second Stage

Third Stage

Fourth Stage

Fifth Stage

And yes, I'm the Ferrari naked. No stock stickers. The steering works perfectly and it's fun to watch the pistons move when I push the car.

 Final Product

Conclusion? The manual can be confusing at times so you'll need to figure some things by yourself. The stickers are a no-no. And some parts can be hard to fit in so you'll need screwdrivers, long-nose pliers to assist. Overall, I'm happy with the finished product. Will get another set when my budget allows.

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