Sunday, October 11, 2015

Achievement Unlocked! Diablo 3 - Paragon Level 1000!

First of all, I would like to congratulate myself for hitting another useless milestone in my life. Somehow I managed to achieve Paragon Level 1000 on Diablo 3. I know, I know, there are lotsa gamers out there with higher Paragon levels but this is more like a personal achievement for me. Apart from Diablo 3, Final Fantasy series and Ragnarok Online, I don't think I spent too much time on games. So, I have reached Paragon Level 1000. What now? Quit and uninstall the game? No way! There are a few more personal achievements which I have not unlocked. One, I would like to complete the Kanai cube. If you don't know what is Kanai cube, read about it HERE. Two, fully gearing all my character classes. FYI, I am very close to achieving that. Just need a few "better" roll gears. (Damn joo RNG God!) Three, to breeze through Greater Rift 60-70. I am currently stuck at GR 57-ish but I am doing good. No worries there. Like I mentioned above, "better" rolling gears. *prays to Kadala*

Anyways, I created this fun gaming blog not just for Diablo 3 BUT also for my passion for other games i.e. vintage and other modern games, and heck, I will have video battles for Magic the Gathering too! So, wait for my next post!

P/S : I'm currently designing a logo for my blog. Probably something easy to design for a non-artistic person like me. Mmmm, a monkey holding a joypad...sounds good. *starts sketching*  

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